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Explanation of Choral Parts

Soprano: For singers who like to sing the melody of a song. Sopranos typically sing the highest of all the parts. 

2nd Soprano: For strong singers who are able to maintain their own part while sopranos are singing above and altos are singing below you.  

Alto: For those who enjoy singing harmony or want to learn how and prefer singing low.  Altos also need to be able to maintain their own part.

2nd Alto/Tenor: For singers who like to sing low, and for boys whose voices have changed or are changing. Sheree, our choir director, prefers to sing 2nd alto because she says it makes choir more interesting. :)​ 


  • Different songs have different arrangements of parts. Some of our songs are SSA (soprano, 2nd soprano, and alto),  SAT (soprano, alto, and tenor), and  SA (soprano and alto). Because of this, you may sing different parts on different songs.

  • To returning choir members: We will be singing some songs that we have sung in the past. Please plan to sing the same part you sang before on these songs.

  • To everyone: You may be asked to sing a different part than you were planning to sing on certain songs. Please be flexible and excited!

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